Welcome at Royal Creek’s Farm. We breed on a small scale with our Shire Horses. Health, quality and character are very important for us.

The Shire is a horse with a quiet and calm temperament so that has its nickname the “Gentle Giant” for a good reason. We were looking for such a horse because my son has a handicap - he has a form of autism. That is the reason why our first Shire, Overdale Lady May, came to us in 1997.

At the moment we own eight beautiful Shires, including one stallion at stud. Together with my son Roy and of course the whole family we are enjoying these great horses very much. We try to participate as often as we can in shows in Germany and the Netherlands.

On a regular basis we have young stock for sale and of course our approved stallion is also available for breeding. If you want to have more information about our Shires or the covering conditions please contact us.

Roy and Jerry van Beek

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